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Financial Post

How Germany gave Greece a reality check on EU politics to secure bailout ...
Financial Post
Markus Schreiber/AP PhotoGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel laid out the cold reality to Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Feb. 19: There wasn't much time to reach the deal needed to keep Greece afloat and Germany wasn't going to budge.
Angela Merkel's Moment of TruthProject Syndicate

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The Guardian

Ed Miliband warns against flirting with EU exit
The Guardian
Ed Miliband will make his most unequivocal commitment to UK membership of the EU, saying there is no short-term political gain to be had from flirting with exit. With Miliband under criticism for failing to build a stronger relationship with business ...
The long shadow of decline: is Britain bowing out of the world stage?New Statesman

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Evening Standard

Conservatives 'risking economy by playing fast and loose with EU'
Evening Standard
Mr Miliband was to say: “There is no greater threat to the long-term stability and prosperity of Britain and British business than leaving the European Union. That is why it is so wrong to play fast and loose with our membership.” Labour was forced to ...
Ed Miliband sleep-talks into EEF's manufacturing conferenceThe Guardian
Ed Miliband told his energy price freeze could make the lights go

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Luxemburger Wort - English Edition

How the EU's evolving Energy Union reveals underlying politics
Carbon Brief (blog)
"Today, the EU has energy rules set at the European level, but in practice it has 28 national regulatory frameworks. This cannot continue… We have to give a new political boost to completing the internal energy market." The commission will propose a ...
Energy politics: EU Commission suggests energy unionLuxemburger Wort - English Edition
Becker hails 'positive' EU signalsreNews

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EU must unleash its internal potential to shape international politics, MEPs say
FTSE Global Markets
The EU has yet to unleash its full potential to shape the international and security environment, Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs said on Tuesday. In a vote on the annual report on Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), they called for a more ...

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EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (blog)

The EU's deal on Greece shows that Europe remains wedded to the politics of ...
EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (blog)
Maintaining austerity regardless of the level of popular contestation and resistance has become the central pillar around which the EU's response to the Eurozone debt crisis has been woven, leading to a crisis of democracy as elected politicians from ...
Greece submits reform list to EUKuwait News Agency
Greece: list of reforms has arrived. EU, good starting pointANSAmed
Greece Gets Positive Signal From Creditors on MeasuresBloomberg
Voltaire Network
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BBC News

TTIP: Transatlantic trade deal text leaked to BBC
BBC News
A leaked draft of what the European Union wants excluded from a new trade deal with the United States has been obtained by the BBC. The document describes itself as the EU's "initial offer" in negotiations over the transatlantic trade and investment ...
US-EU Trade Deal for Benefit of Corporations, Not Citizens - Campaign GroupSputnik International
European TTIP exemption demands

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World Politics Review

Despite Syriza's Defiance, Germany Still Key to EU's Russia Policy
World Politics Review
But they worry that it could contribute to a breakdown of the EU's common front against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Members of the incoming Greek administration have not only declared their opposition to any further sanctions against Moscow, but ...
EU must stop 'spasmodic' moves on Russia: ministerTengrinews
Greece ruptures 30 years of political consensus in EuropeThe Japan Times
Greece crisis could derail PM's plans for EU reform, warns Norman
Foreign Policy (blog)
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The Guardian

Ed Miliband demands EU referendum details from David Cameron
The Guardian
In the letter to Cameron, Miliband wrote: “I am writing today to urge you to make good on your commitment to set out in detail a reform agenda for the EU and a strategy for building the alliances needed to deliver it. “You should not expect to get ...
Ed Miliband challenged by factory worker over EU voteBBC News
Ed Miliband's failure to offer EU referendum will cost party votes, major
It may take defeat to an “unelectable” Labour Party to force the Tories to ...New Statesman

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Europe's creditors play with 'political fire' in pushing Greece to the brink
It is politics that now matter. EU veterans warn that any mishandling of the Greek drama could escalate into an existential threat to the European Project itself. They deplore the sabre-rattling in Brussels and Berlin, deeming it petulant, even ...
Germany's Gabriel says Greek politics mustn't burden rest of EUReuters
Greece disagrees with anti-Russian sanctions to show independence from
Europe's Clash of the Titans: QE vs PoliticsWall Street Journal
Sydney Morning Herald
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