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The Independent

Lord Hill takes 'Hugh Grant approach' to EU hearing
The Independent
Letting a politician from a non-eurozone and often Eurosceptic country take on the task of forging greater economic co-operation between the 28 EU nations also seemed inconceivable. So when Lord Hill adjusted his tie in the glare of the cameras ahead ...
The joys of forming a European governmentBusiness Spectator
European Commission nominees: Juncker's controversial British & Spanish EU ...Luxemburger Wort - English Edition
Phil Hogan faces tough questions in European ParliamentIrish Times
Reuters Canada -Yahoo News UK
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The EU's culture war against the people
When Germany's vice chancellor, the Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel, denounced Eurosceptic parties on both the left and right as 'stupid', he gave voice to a sentiment that is widespread among Europe's political elites. They genuinely believe ...

Cameron promises political reform as British election looms. Is EU listening ...
Christian Science Monitor
Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership, while also devolving more powers within Britain following the Scottish referendum. Success at home could boost his chances in Brussels.
Cameron 'won't take no for an answer' over EU membership
I care much more about UK than EU, says David CameronBBC News
British EU exit 'wouldn't break my heart', Cameron saysReuters UK -Yahoo News
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The Guardian

Conservative backbenchers will get free vote on EU referendum, Osborne says
The Guardian
Conservative party backbenchers will be given a free vote in the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union in the next parliament, George Osborne has said. The chancellor staved off demands to say the Conservatives might take Britain out ...
George Osborne: the EU referendum would be a free vote for Tory backbenchersNew Statesman
George Osborne forgot something important in his speech,

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Tom Mulcair's EU trade deal choice could signal election strategy
After the death of Jack Layton in 2011, Mulcair's pitch for the party leadership was based on continuing Layton's legacy of targeting voters in the centre of the political spectrum and working hard to look like a government-in-waiting. The NDP ...

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Open Democracy

EU myths, politics and scaremongering on an independent Scotland
Open Democracy
The EU is above all else a highly political community. When it faces a situation outside its experience or rulebook, politics - of power and ingenuity - take over. In the face of German reunification in1990, the former East Germany became part of the ...

The Guardian (blog)

Tory conference - Cameron hardens EU stance as Ukip defection rocks party ...
The Guardian (blog)
Lord Ashcroft, the billionaire former Conservative party deputy chairman who now uses his fortune to commission extensive political polling, has told a fringe meeting at the conference that his latest research suggests Labour could win a comfortable ...
Cameron loses second MP to anti-EU partyReuters UK
UK Risks Return to 1974 as Splintered Politics Hurts StabilityBusinessweek
Tory views: UKIP pact, EU, immigration and gay marriageBBC News

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EU legal fog lets Scots bank on politics to keep them in
If Scots vote for independence, it will be in part because they believe assurances that their small Atlantic peninsula can quit the United Kingdom without ever leaving the secure embrace of the European Union. That, however, is not how the EU's top ...

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Sun News Network

Canada, EU release text of trade deal; play down German objections
The Globe and Mail
Some observers have suggested the recent objections may have more to do with internal German politics and positioning in connection to the EU's ongoing trade talks with the United States. Trade lawyer Lawrence Herman said it will take time to study the ...
NDP 'very reticent' about EU trade dealCTV News
Protesters descend on Hill to rally against PM's Canada-EU (blog)
German opposition clouds Friday's ceremonies for Canada-EU trade
Sun News Network
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Jacek Dominik: EU budget is 'hostage to national politics'
EU budget commissioner Jacek Dominik said yesterday (24 September) that it was “very dangerous” that over the last few years, the EU budget has become hostage to national politics, and that a “hardcore” of net payers were saying “no” to whatever ...

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