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The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn backs British membership of EU
The Guardian
Corbyn made clear that he intended to campaign for reform from within the EU after Phil Wilson and Pat Glass, the two MPs who chair the parliamentary Labour party's 100-strong pro-EU group, wrote to him asking that he make clear whether he supported EU ...
How Jeremy Corbyn could lead Britain out of
Jeremy Corbyn wants Britain to stay in the EUNew Statesman
Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Labour leadership contender guideBBC News

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The Guardian

Obama's remarks on UK remaining in EU get hostile Eurosceptic reaction
The Guardian
Obama's remarks sparked a hostile response from Eurosceptics, while Business for Britain, an umbrella group opposed to EU membership, said foreign interventions in domestic politics “rarely go down well with the public”. The Tory MEP Daniel Hannan ...
Obama calls on Britain to remain in the EUTengrinews
Obama urges UK to stay in European UnionBBC News
Barack Obama accused of interfering in British politics after recommending UK ...The Independent
Business Insider -Scotsman
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Trend News Agency

Nuke deal done, Iran-EU political co-op next
Trend News Agency
Resolving the more than decade-old Iran-West nuclear dispute has opened new horizons to the future of the two sides' political cooperation. Of course economic cooperation will be resumed after the sanctions' removal, but the two factions have other ...
UAE chides EU over opening to

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Inside politics: EU presidents plotting new phase of integration
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has collaborated with four other top Eurocrats to produce a blueprint on the future of the EU. The so-called “Five Presidents' Report” was slipped out last month virtually unnoticed at a Brussels summit ...

The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn draws fire for position on Britain's EU future
The Guardian
“The EU also knowingly, deliberately, maintains a number of tax havens and tax evasion posts around the continent – Luxembourg, Monaco and a number of others – and has this strange relationship with Switzerland which allows a lot of European ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Cameron facing 'Brexpulsion' as EU leaders become sick of his demands
While the focus has been on what concessions the Prime Minister will come back with from his much-heralded negotiations on Britain's EU membership, a leading expert on European politics believes Mr Cameron could well return empty-handed as leaders ...
EU referendum 'within a year': David Cameron fast-tracks vote on Britain's ...The Independent
EU referendum: George Osborne hopeful of 'win-win' agreementBBC News
EU referendum: Cameron to hold new round of talks with European leadersThe Guardian
City A.M. -Financial Times
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Britain gets EU exit boost: Shock poll reveals scale of voter anger with Brussels
Two-thirds of people believe the multi-billion annual cost of EU membership is too high and does not represent value for money, the survey found. Regaining control over UK borders to end mass migration from other EU nations was widely seen as the top ...

The Courier

Poll shows most Scots want to remain in the EU
The Courier
Prime Minister David Cameron is to hold a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU by the end of 2017. A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times found 51% of people in England support leaving the institution while 66% of those in Scotland want to ...

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George Osborne: EU should be about free trade not handing power to Brussels
He said the "central attraction" of EU membership was economic rather than political. And he argued that "fixing" the economic links between Britain and other EU nations was the key to "convincing ourselves that it is right for Britain to remain in the ...
EU 'good' at problem solving says UK commissionerBBC News
Brexit: George Osborne hopeful of securing 'win-win' deal with France to avoid ...The Independent
George Osborne: I did not think the Tories would win an overall

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Farage on Friday: Britain would not only survive but THRIVE out of the EU
David Cameron said in 2010 that he had extracted from EU leaders an undertaking that this mechanism would never be used again for the purpose of further bailouts, but this week, the perfidious and untrustworthy EC has put the EFSM back in the shop ...
George Osborne backs down on use of EU bailout fund in Greece crisisThe Guardian
Slavoj Žižek on Greece: the courage of hopelessnessNew Statesman
UK 'strikes deal' over Greek bailoutBBC News

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