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EU Politics: A Narrow Vote for Progress  The Globalist

Can von der Leyen make a difference? Probably yes -- but only modestly so.

Politics and finance dog EU climate zero efforts  Yahoo News

Momentum is growing across Europe toward a mid-century target for climate neutrality that UN scientists say the world must embrace to avert catastrophe.

Ursula von der Leyen: Parliament vote puts EU politics to the test  EURACTIV

The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV's media network.

Boris Johnson blames EU for kipper rules that are British – video  The Guardian

At the final Tory hustings on Wednesday, Boris Johnson held up a kipper and claimed regulations imposed by 'Brussels bureaucrats' were damaging trade.

Boris Johnson's support for EU revealed in Leon Brittan letter  The Guardian

No 10 frontrunner wrote 'pro-European letter' to Tory peer's widow a year before campaigning for leave.

Kipper rules Boris Johnson blamed on EU are actually British, says Brussels  The Guardian

Claims by Boris Johnson that regulations imposed by “Brussels bureaucrats” were damaging the trade in kippers have been debunked by the European ...

EU expected to reject outright Johnson and Hunt's backstop plan  The Guardian

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt's Brexit plan to axe the Irish border backstop from the withdrawal agreement will be rejected outright by the European Union, EU ...

Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit threat risks being ignored by the EU  The Guardian

Boris Johnson's suggestion he could use the threat of no deal to win an improved Brexit deal for the UK risks falling on deaf ears in Brussels, the EU's top ...

Philip Hammond signals he could vote to bring down Boris Johnson  The Guardian

Philip Hammond has suggested he is prepared to vote to bring down a Boris Johnson government should the likely new prime minister push for a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit: MPs call on EU to protect UK citizens in no-deal scenario  BBC News

MPs will meet the EU's chief negotiator later to call for UK citizens' rights to be protected in a no-deal Brexit. The cross-party delegation will meet Michel Barnier ...

EU: Kipper rules set by UK, not EU | Politics News  Sky News

The European Commission says food safety obligations criticised by Boris Johnson were due to rules set by Britain.

Visegradism, Babisism, and the Dangers of Selfishness as a Political Program  The Globe Post

An anti-EU ideology of Visegradism has emerged in Central Europe, with selfish, nationalist politics in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

EU officials don’t relish the idea of no deal – but they are prepared to play hardball  The Guardian

Despite the gloom, political realities could see a compromise emerge, says Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform.

Brexit news: Boris Johnson suffers day of disaster as MPs vote to explode his parliament plan and anti-EU kipper rules tirade exposed as false  The Independent

MPs have voted to stop future prime minister from suspending parliament, as Boris Johnson's anti-EU kipper rules tirade has been exposed as false. The motion ...

EU president takes shot at Trump's 'unacceptable' tweets after Trudeau meeting  CBC News

The president of the European Commission said Thursday he was happy to be in Canada where citizens don't say things like "Send him back" — a clear ...

EU urged to get creative in power politics  Financial Times

The EU is at sea in a new world of power politics that the bloc's founding tenets leave it ill-equipped to deal with. That's the contention of a new joint paper from ...

Why the EU Is Struggling to Compete for Influence in Southeast Asia  World Politics Review

The EU has become more assertive in Southeast Asia, making trade dependent on political conditions in several countries. Although there is good reason for the ...

Douglas Hurd warned Major of dangers of UK isolation, papers reveal  The Guardian

Former foreign secretary Douglas Hurd anticipated a dangerous future of UK isolation caused by “poisonous” internal divisions over the EU and advocated a ...

10 things that stopped Brexit happening  BBC News

An account of 10 crucial mistakes, mishaps and misunderstandings that might explain why the UK hasn't left the EU yet.

In British PM race, a former Russian arms tycoon wields influence  Reuters

Tory donor Alexander Temerko presents himself as a foe of Brexit and Putin. To @Reuters, he's described his ex-Kremlin ties and praised Brexit and Boris ...

Trudeau pushes trade pact in EU summit as France moves ahead on CETA  CBC News

Lawmakers in France begin their ratification of the comprehensive trade agreement between the European Union and Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ...

What the European Union has done for us  The Guardian

Letters: Rory Palmer MEP, Louise Ellman MP, Simon Sweeney, Mike Tomlinson, Dan Levy and John D Walsh respond to an article by David Conn about EU ...

Europe's Ever Closer Confusion  Foreign Policy

What exactly is the European Union? A post-national superstate or a mechanism to augment the power of nations? A neoliberal fantasia or a protectionist cartel?

The EU Has Failed to Europeanize the Balkans  Balkan Insight

A new book on EU policy towards the Balkans says the supposedly transformative power of the EU in the region is both unproven in theory and hollow in ...

New German justice minister as outgoing moves to EU politics  Federal News Network

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has appointed a new justice minister, to succeed Katarina Barley who is moving on to serve in European Parliament…

May was told her three Irish Brexit priorities were incompatible, ex-ambassador tells MPs – as it happened  The Guardian

Sir Ivan Rogers, the former British ambassador to the EU, has told MPs that he advised Theresa May in 2016 that her three Brexit priorities for Northern Ireland ...

EU energy portfolio attracts member states' attention  EURACTIV

Languages: Deutsch. Comments Print Facebook LinkedIn Google + Twitter WhatsApp Email. The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, ...

Flawed Home Office app stops EU citizen getting settled status  The Guardian

Technical problem detected in Home Office Brexit app for EU citizens.

Brexit party MEP called for EU fishing vessels to be 'sunk like Belgrano'  The Guardian

A Brexit party MEP has been heavily criticised after he called for foreign fishing vessels to be “given the same treatment as the Belgrano”, the Argentinian cruiser ...

Deals made at secretive EU summit deliver top job nominees  Washington Post

BRUSSELS — In the end, the European Union's top jobs jamboree had a familiar old-time ring to it. Instead of embracing a transparent future, leaders of the 28 ...

Magid Magid incident highlights EU's race problem, say activists  The Guardian

An incident in which a black British MEP was asked to leave the European parliament on his first day highlighted the lack of racial diversity in EU politics, ...

UK heading for no-deal Brexit on 31 October, EU leaders conclude  The Guardian

Britain will crash out of the EU on 31 October unless Theresa May's Brexit deal is ratified or a new prime minister calls a second referendum or general election ...

The EU’s scurrilous anti-democratic dealings prove once again that it is beyond reform  The Independent

There is only one positive thing that could be said about the recent top EU appointments: the crucial posts went to women. Germany's defence minister Ursula ...

Italy vs EU: Why Salvini’s failure to back von der Leyen leaves Italy on collision course

MATTEO Salvini, Italy's interior minister and leader of the right-wing League Party, is on a collision course with newly confirmed European Commission ...

May defeated in Lords as peers vote to beef up anti-prorogation measure in Northern Ireland bill – as it happened  The Guardian

Rolling coverage of the day's political developments, including PMQs and May's speech on the state of politics.

Germany's Ursula von der Leyen nominated to lead EU Commission  BBC News

EU leaders have put forward their nominations for the bloc's top jobs, with a woman for the first time proposed as European Commission chief. The surprise ...

EU politics amongst market movers today – Danske Bank  FXStreet

Danske Bank analysts point out that in Brussels, EU leaders will resume their quest to fill the European top posts after they failed to do so at a mar.

Clare Daly defends hiring Mick Wallace’s son as EU assistant  The Irish Times

Since 2009, MEPs can no longer employ close relatives for parliamentary roles.

Six reasons why the EU will call Boris Johnson's bluff on no deal

So, Michel Barnier has told the BBC in a Panorama programme that will air tonight that Theresa May never even bothered to pretend to him, in private, that the ...

United States of EUROPE! Why new EU chief should terrify nationalists

SUPPORTERS of closer integration between EU member states are celebrating the controversial nomination for European Commission President of Ursula von ...

Czech and Slovak protesters shake up political landscape

30 years after the Velvet Revolution, protesters are facing off against deeply entrenched political interests.

Poland's ex-PM loses EU parliament chair again  EUobserver

Poland's former prime minister, Beata Szydlo, has cried foul after failing to get an EP committee chair a second time, in a fiasco which could spell trouble for the ...

Brexit: Johnson says Britain will leave EU on 31 October 'do or die'  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has hardened his position on leaving the EU “do or die” by the end of October, as hardline Eurosceptics extended their influence on his faltering ...

Justin Trudeau criticizes NDP's position on EU-Canada trade pact  The Globe and Mail

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to a question during the closing news conference of the Canada-EU Summit in Montreal on July 18, 2019.

Member states eye EU Commission portfolios  EURACTIV

The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV's media network.

EU fishing row: Macron's France to continue exploiting UK waters even after no deal Brexit

BREXIT Secretary Stephen Barclay has paved the way for France and other EU nations to exploit British waters even in the event of a no deal Brexit.

£1.3m in bonuses paid to Brexit department civil servants  The Guardian

About 16000 civil servants have worked on Brexit at estimated cost of £1.5bn to date.

Amber Rudd embraces no-deal Brexit as ministers pitch to Johnson  The Guardian

Cabinet members seek jobs under new PM with Liz Truss eyeing role of chancellor.

Clare Daly hires son of Mick Wallace as her assistant in EU office

Clare Daly has hired the son of her close political ally Mick Wallace as a taxpayer-funded European Parliament assistant.

Daly and Wallace give maiden speeches in EU Parliament

New MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have made their maiden speeches in the European Parliament.

Trudeau, Tusk take aim at Trump at close of summit on Canada-EU trade agreement  CTV News

MONTREAL -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and European Council President Donald Tusk ended a summit Thursday that was bathed in the symbolism of ...

Nigel Farage complains about narrow margin of victory for new EU chief after she wins 52% of vote  The Independent

Nigel Farage is facing mockery after he claimed the new European Commission president lacked "legitimacy" because she won just 52 per cent of the vote.

EU leaders fail to choose EU leaders

European Council to have another shot at selecting new Commission president on June 30.

Japan says next British PM must not lead UK out of EU without deal  The Guardian

Japan's foreign minister has pleaded with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt not to lead the UK out of the EU without a deal when one of them becomes prime ...

Leo Varadkar caves in: Irish PM breaks rank with EU and admits he's 'ready to compromise'

LEO VARADKAR has given the clearest indication the EU is willing to get back to the negotiating table after he stated he is willing to listen to alternatives to the ...

Sajid Javid praises Nigel Farage in speech on extremism  The Guardian

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has singled out Nigel Farage and the Brexit party for praise in a speech in London, saying: “They are not extremists.”.

The Ham of Fate | by Fintan O'Toole  The New York Review of Books

In his only novel, Seventy-Two Virgins, published in 2004, Boris Johnson uses a strange word. The hero, like Johnson himself at the time, is a backbench ...

Revenue chief who received death threats over Brexit steps down  The Guardian

The head of HM Revenue and Customs has announced he is stepping down, months after he revealed he had received death threats for warnings over Brexit ...

EU top jobs: Spitz hits the skids

With the lead candidates for the Commission presidency in trouble, leaders seek 'Plan B' at summit.

The new EU leaders show that the Brexit Party aren't the only ones facing backwards

Where do people get the idea that Brexit is nostalgic?

Non-Green MEPs largely ignore climate on Twitter  Climate Home

Parliamentarians from the EU's power blocs might talk tough on global warming, but don't engage with the most influential social media accounts, analysis ...

Groups are ready, EU Parliament is ready to play  EURACTIV

Seven political groups have been formed in the new European Parliament and there are two major left-outs still looking for their place ahead of the Parliament's ...

The south (of Europe) will rise again

MADRID — The days of Spain playing a bit role in Brussels are finally coming to an end. Madrid has a great opportunity to shape EU politics and policies over ...

Merkel calls for fresh thinking to negate need for Border backstop  The Irish Times

EU-UK withdrawal agreement not up for renegotiation, German chancellor insists.

'You must listen to Russia!' Putin seeking to sideline EU to play 'power politics'

RUSSIA does not see the European Union as a major world power and is therefore attempting to sideline the bloc in order to have a say in global decisions, ...

European election voting problems ‘were evident five years ago’  The Guardian

Problems that denied EU citizens their vote in last month's European elections were evident five years ago, according to a leaked letter from the European ...

EU divided: Furious Italy sends Brussels dire ultimatum - 'This is not right!'

ITALY'S deputy Prime Minister has threatened to quit the government as part of his budget battle with the European Union to push through at least 11 billion ...

EU leaders pick von der Leyen for Commission president

EU leaders on Tuesday nominated German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen as the next European Commission president, capping almost 48 hours of ...

This new lineup confirms the EU's ambitions to build a superstate

The European Council has agreed upon its nominees for the top jobs running the EU for the next few years. They have to get through the Parliament, but that ...

Trudeau, Tusk take aim at Trump at close of Canada EU summit  CityNews Toronto

European Council President Donald Tusk says he's happy that while he's been in Montreal, no one shouted “send him back.” The clear dig at right-wing ...

Boris Johnson claimed Islam put Muslim world 'centuries behind'  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has been strongly criticised for arguing Islam has caused the Muslim world to be “literally centuries behind” the west, in an essay unearthed by ...

The EU After The Elections: A More Plural Parliament And Council – Analysis  Eurasia Review

What is the new balance of power in the EU's institutions following the May 2019 elections? By Piotr Maciej Kaczyński*. The fallout of the May 2019 European ...

What diplomats really think about Boris Johnson | Politics  The Guardian

'He was smart, but he had the attention span of a gnat,' says one official – so what kind of PM will he be?

The Green Wave: EU Elections Reveal Cultural Clash  The Yale Politic

In last month's EU elections, green parties surged for the first time ever. Long derided as “single-issue” parties, they emerged from backbencher obscurity, ...

EU leaders ‘unanimous’ there will be no renegotiation of Brexit deal, says Juncker  The Independent

EU leaders are “unanimous” that the new British prime minister will not be able to renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal agreement, the European Commission ...

EU preparing to downgrade Switzerland's single market access as warning to Brexit Britain  The Independent

The EU is preparing to cut Switzerland's stock exchanges off from the single market, in part as a warning shot to Brexit Britain that it must play ball. Like the UK ...

Euro US Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast: EUR/USD Muted as EU Politics Remains in Spotlight  TorFX News

The Euro to US Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate is struggling to find momentum this morning as the single currency remains paralysed by indecision at the top ...

Who is in the running for the EU's top jobs?  The Irish Times

Europe Editor Patrick Smyth sets the scene and looks at the runners and riders.

Competitiveness on the agenda as EU politicians meet in Helsinki  News Now Finland

The meeting is co-chaired by Katri Kulmuni and Timo Harakka and attended by ministers from around Europe.

US ambassador: We need the EU as a partner to tackle China  EURACTIV

Languages: Deutsch. Comments Print. The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV's media ...

Who are the new EU chiefs - and how could they affect Brexit?  Mirror Online

It's the changing of Lagarde - but will the new faces in the top jobs change the course of Brexit?

Merkel backs ‘real’ lead candidates, tipping Timmermans and Weber for top EU jobs

In a slap at Macron, German chancellor focuses on a leadership deal between conservatives and Social Democrats.

Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes wins appeal against £20,000 EU referendum fine  Mirror Online

The Electoral Commission said: "We are disappointed that the court has upheld Mr Grimes' appeal.

The race for an EU post: 'A story of how far Joseph Muscat has fallen'  The Shift News

Interviews with insiders from different political groups involved in the process of appointments to the EU's top posts say Joseph Muscat was never seriously ...

The Guardian view on Scottish drug deaths: put health and safety first  The Guardian

Editorial: With Scotland's death rate the highest in the EU, political disagreements must not get in the way of an effective response.

Varadkar denies Hogan nomination is a blow for gender balance  The Irish Times

Taoiseach says Maireád McGuinness and Emily O'Reilly roles provide 'a good balance'

Brexit latest: Furious EU hits out at UK after shock Brexit Party victory - 'OBSTACLES!'  Express

THE EU Commission has written to the UK Government to complain about obstacles it claims prevented many EU citizens from voting in the UK in the European ...

How timing can change democratic decisions in the EU  EUROPP - European Politics and Policy

One strategy for addressing the EU's democratic deficit is to provide a greater role for civil society actors in decision-making. However, as Corrado Fumagalli ...

Merkel's Furious Allies Vow to Stop Macron's EU Power Grab  Bloomberg

The European Union's center-right alliance is determined to defy French President Emmanuel Macron in the race to nominate the next EU Commission chief, ...

Brexit shock: How EU's blocking UK trade deals with the US, Australia, China AND Brazil

BRUSSELS is blocking post-Brexit trade deals offered to the UK from the US, Australia, China and South America, Tory MEP Daniel Hannan has sensationally ...

Why the EU must debate and address the challenges arising from emigration  EUROPP - European Politics and Policy

Debates over EU free movement often focus on the impact of immigration on destination countries. But as Cecilia Bruzelius explains, emigration is increasingly ...

What do the European Parliament election results tell us about EU politics?  Brookings Institution

Brookings Visiting Fellow Célia Belin explains three lessons to be learned from the recent elections for the European Parliament, including the surprising ...

Why the EU is witnessing the birth of real European politics  The Guardian

There is a problem with European elections: they are not very European. When EU citizens go to the polls this month, they will vote under national electoral laws, ...

The far right may not have cleaned up, but its influence now dominates Europe  The Guardian

Upbeat responses to the results show how much the far right has joined the mainstream, says Guardian US columnist Cas Mudde.

A fractured European parliament may be just what the EU needs  The Guardian

From Amsterdam to Athens and Sweden to Spain, recent national elections across Europe have revealed a rapidly fragmenting political landscape: the big ...

Facebook tightens rules on political ads ahead of EU vote  Reuters

Facebook Inc toughened its rules on political advertising in Europe on Friday under pressure from EU regulators to do more to guard against foreign meddling in ...

Asylum and migration in the EU: Facts and figures  Modern Diplomacy

The arrival of more than one million asylum seekers and migrants to Europe in 2015 exposed serious flaws in the EU's asylum system. To respond to the migrant ...

The far right didn’t sweep the EU elections. Europe’s centre is holding  The Guardian

The real story was a Green surge in Germany, France and elsewhere, says Guardian columnist Natalie Nougayrède.

2019 European Parliament Elections Will Change the EU's Political Dynamics  Carnegie Europe

This article is part of the Reshaping European Democracy project, an initiative of Carnegie's Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program and Carnegie ...

Italy in the EU: shared priorities, provocative politics  European Council on Foreign Relations

The European Parliament election may reveal if Italians prefer the populist or far-right wing of the governing coalition. Italy's long-standing lead role in shaping ... ©