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At G7, EU warns it will respond 'in kind' if Trump puts tariff on French wine  USA TODAY

The European Council President Donald Tusk says the E.U. will stand by France if Trump follows through on his threat to put tariffs on French wines.

Boris Johnson seeks legal advice on five-week parliament closure ahead of Brexit  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has asked the attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, whether parliament can be shut down for five weeks from 9 September in what appears to be a ...

UK officials to skip most EU meetings from next month  The Guardian

British officials will stop attending most EU meetings from September, the Brexit secretary, Steve Barclay, has said, suggesting his department will slash ...

Brexit: EU unconvinced by Johnson's fresh bid to remove backstop  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has written to the EU suggesting the backstop could be replaced by some form of commitment to prevent a hard Irish border in his first major move ...

The EU has stepped back from the brink because it knows it cannot risk a no-deal Brexit

Is it all about semantics now? In Paris, at that meeting in which nothing very encouraging was supposed to happen, Emmanuel Macron stated with splendid ...

Johnson accuses MPs and EU of 'terrible collaboration' over Brexit  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has hit out at what he described as a “terrible collaboration” between MPs and the EU trying to block Brexit, as he refused to rule out shutting ...

Top EU Official Blasts Trump's Plan to Invite Russia to G7 Meeting  Mother Jones

President Donald Trump has reportedly been complaining up a storm about having to represent the United States at this week's meeting of the G7 in Biarritz, ...

Boris Johnson news – live: PM's minister 'cosying up' to far-right Brazilian government official as Amazon burns  The Independent

A close ally of Boris Johnson has been accused of “cosying up” to the Brazilian government and failing to publicly speak out about the damage being wreaked ...

Brexit: Michael Gove accuses 'wrong and sad' EU of intransigence  The Guardian

Michael Gove has accused the European Union of intransigence over Brexit talks, calling it “wrong and sad”, as divisions between the UK and Brussels became ...

British diplomats to pull out from EU decision-making meetings within days  The Guardian

Critics say No 10 move to quit bloc's institutional structures leaves UK blindsided.

Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating Brexit deal, EU told  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating the withdrawal agreement and a no-deal Brexit is his “central scenario”, European diplomats have been told, ...

Finland urges EU to consider banning Brazilian beef over Amazon fires  Reuters

Finland, which holds the European Union's rotating chairmanship, called on Friday for the EU to look into the possibility of banning Brazilian beef from its ...

As EU threatens trade retaliation, Brazil sends army to fight Amazon fires  Reuters

European leaders on Friday threatened to tear up a trade deal with South America, reflecting growing international anger at Brazil as a record number of fires in ...

EU migration to UK sinks to lowest level since 2013

EU nationals have continued to move to the UK but in smaller numbers, according to official figures.

Germany’s far right stumbles in polls ahead of crunch state vote

Political mainstream overtakes Alternative for Germany in country's eastern states.

‘German U-boats couldn’t do it’ Fiery Farage issues defiant message for Brussels

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage admitted “there would be bumps along the road” after a no deal Brexit but heavily criticised those who claim such a scenario ...

Boris Johnson on Brexit negotiations with the EU  BBC News

The prime minister said "the mood music is good" following talks with EU leaders, but preparations for no deal continue.

Brexit enforcer Cummings’ farm took €235,000 in EU handouts  The Guardian

Boris Johnson's controversial enforcer, Dominic Cummings, an architect of Brexit and a fierce critic of Brussels, is co-owner of a farm that has received €250,000 ...

A quick US trade deal won't help Britain avoid Brexit damage, economists say  CNBC

A possible trade deal with the U.S. will do little to mitigate the impact of Britain leaving the EU without a deal in place, economists have told CNBC. Both the U.K. ...

UK on course for no-deal Brexit as Johnson rejects EU agreement  The Guardian

Boris Johnson has set the UK on an apparent course towards a no-deal Brexit by playing down the likelihood of any talks with the EU unless Brussels agrees to ...

Threat to end freedom of movement overnight is reckless, say EU citizens  The Guardian

Ending freedom of movement for EU citizens immediately after a no-deal Brexit would be reckless and could create a hostile environment for European nationals ...

Pro-remain NI parties write to EU over Brexit backstop  The Irish Times

More than half of Northern Ireland's MLAs write to President of the European Council.

It’s the economy, Dummkopf! German slowdown spells trouble

The shrinking German economy suggests the Midas touch of its longtime leader is fading.

Migrant crisis: Malta says six EU countries agree to take in 356 people rescued off Libya  Sky News

France says it would take in 150 people, with Portugal, Germany, Romania, Luxembourg and Ireland also offering to accept them.

EU states and Russia clash on truth of WW2 pact  EUobserver

Five EU states issued a statement condemning a World War 2-era German-Russian treaty which divided Europe, but Russia has defended the ...

EU Elections in Poland: Society Still Divided in Half  Harvard Political Review

The 2019 European Parliament elections changed the balance of power in many European countries. In Poland, the Law and Justice Party's victory was due to a ...

Royal bombshell: How this Prince wants to ban all political parties after EU chaos  Express

ROYALS typically remain strictly neutral in respect to politics, instead acting as figureheads representing their country in ceremonial and formal manners. So why ...

EU citizens in UK demand clarification of status as no deal looms  The Guardian

Citizens from other EU member states living in Britain have called on the government to provide more clarity urgently on their status in the event of a sharp end to ...

Scotland Brexit: 50,000 applications for EU Settlement Scheme  BBC News

About a quarter of the estimated 220000 EU citizens living in Scotland have so far applied to remain in the UK after Brexit.

EU curbs facial recognition technology over Europe-wide privacy fears - ‘significant risk’

BRUSSELS is forcing through restrictions to curb brand-new facial recognition technology amid fears its use could end up threatening the rights of citizens.

EU set to halt imports of Canadian cherries, other fruits: document  CBC News

The European Union will halt imports of Canadian cherries and other *fresh* fruits starting Sept. 1 as it enforces new import requirements related to pests, ...

'It's a sign of panic': EU nationals on the UK's threat to end free movement  The Guardian

EU citizens living, working and studying in the UK have spoken of their fears for the future after the Home Office announced plans to end freedom of movement ...

Migrants: contacts with states on Gregoretti - EU - Politics - ANSAMed  ANSAmed

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JULY 29 - A European Commission spokesperson, speaking about the coast guard ship Bruno Gregoretti, said that ''following Italy's ...

Sir David Attenborough wades into Brexit debate saying people 'fed up' with EU  Mirror Online

The renowned naturalist made a rare comment on the EU debate - but refused to say which way he voted personally.

Forget party ties, it’s time to unite to stay in EU  The Guardian

The Brecon byelection result showed putting allegiances aside is the only way for Remain MPs to change the path our country is heading down.

Boris Johnson is playing politics with Northern Ireland’s ‘delicate balance’  The Guardian

By asserting hard UK sovereignty in Northern Ireland, Johnson is risking a painfully won consensus, says former No 10 Brexit spokesperson Matthew O'Toole.

The effect of public attitudes toward the EU on the European Commission's policy activity  EUROPP - European Politics and Policy

The role of the European Commission in the EU's policy process is often cited by Eurosceptic actors as one of the main problems with EU democracy. But how ...

Ending free movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit is impossible, experts warn  The Independent

Ending free movement on day one of a crash-out Brexit is impossible because it “can't be enforced”, experts have warned the government. The plan, confirmed ...

Jeremy Corbyn: Plan to end EU free movement could be 'Windrush on steroids'  Sky News

The Labour leader says the policy is "utterly ludicrous", while Sadiq Khan tells Sky News the move would be "callous" and "cruel".

Tory rebels sceptical over Corbyn's plans for stopping no-deal Brexit  The Guardian

Rebel Conservatives and independent MPs have expressed deep scepticism after an invite from Jeremy Corbyn to discuss ways to stop a no-deal Brexit, ...

Why Brexiteers Are Right About the Backstop  The Atlantic

On at least one crucial issue when it comes to Brexit, Boris Johnson has a point, though not entirely for the reasons many of his supporters claim. The new British ...

Theresa May gave the EU all it could have hoped for – now it risks losing everything

Are Eurocrats, I wonder, starting to feel the tiniest batsqueak of doubt? A year ago, they had the UK where they wanted it. Our officials were pledging to adopt EU ...

Sir David Attenborough blasts EU over 'silly' interference in UK affairs, saying British people are 'fed up'

Sir David Attenborough has said that many people in the UK are "fed up" with the European Union over its "silly" interference in British affairs.

Boris Johnson pushes for George Osborne to be made IMF chief  The Guardian

Boris Johnson used a phone call with the US president, Donald Trump, this week to recommend the former Tory chancellor George Osborne for the job of ...

Heidi Allen calls on pro-EU Tories to help stop no-deal Brexit

Heidi Allen, the independent MP and former leader of breakaway party Change UK, has called on at least 20 Tory MPs to help block a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson must change his negotiating tactics to avoid no-deal Brexit – EU treaty-making experts  Descrier

With the clock counting down to a no-deal Brexit, the UK's new prime minister, Boris Johnson has been meeting with his German and French counterparts, over ...

Brexit masterplan: Iceland’s former PM reveals EXACTLY how UK can ‘thrive’ outside bloc

ICELAND'S former prime minister has come up with Brexit gameplan for how the UK will cope and “thrive” outside of the EU.

Johnson's EU grand tour leads nowhere  Sunday Business Post

Despite the smiles and bonhomie on Boris Johnson's trip to Europe last week, it was clear that the European leaders were not for turning.

Will Trump blow up the G7 summit?  CNN

The biggest question clouding this weekend's G7 summit in France is whether the President of the United States will blow it up.

Brexit boost: High Street will THRIVE post-Brexit say business chiefs

BRITAIN's high streets will boom after the country leaves the shackles of the EU, according to business chiefs.

We’re moving toward a world of fortress economies  Washington Post

Trump's order to U.S. firms to get out of China is just one symptom.

Boris Johnson playing ‘Russian roulette’ but the EU might crack, claims former diplomat

A BREXIT deal which takes the UK out of the UK on October 31 with an agreement in place is “possible” as a result of the “*fresh* impetus” Boris Johnson has ...

The strangling of European democracy  Spiked

The EU is the high point of an anti-democratic project that has been brewing for a hundred years. Daniel Ben-Ami. 23rd August 2019. Share. AddThis Sharing ...

EU citizens coming to UK for work plunge by more than half since Brexit vote  Mirror Online

Net migration from the EU to Britain has plunged since 2016 and some nations have more people leaving the UK than arriving.

No deal Brexit plans ramp up as EU ‘not showing movement’ putting UK in deadlock

CABINET minister Michael Gove has called for “goodwill on all sides' to solve the Brexit deadlock.

EU immigration to the UK has been bigger than we thought  Full Fact

Official estimates of migration to and from the UK have been wrong for several years, and have lost their quality mark as a result.

Why the EU is witnessing the birth of real European politics  The Guardian

There is a problem with European elections: they are not very European. When EU citizens go to the polls this month, they will vote under national electoral laws, ...

EU Politics: A Narrow Vote for Progress  The Globalist

Can von der Leyen make a difference? Probably yes -- but only modestly so.

Trump praises Danish PM after calling her ‘nasty’ in Greenland row

Mette Frederiksen is a 'wonderful woman,' US president says.

What do the European Parliament election results tell us about EU politics?  Brookings Institution

Brookings Visiting Fellow Célia Belin explains three lessons to be learned from the recent elections for the European Parliament, including the surprising ...

Has EU referendum changed the way we view politics? Debate will aim to find out  Saffron Walden Reporter

The impact of voting 'remain' or 'leave' on UK politics will be the topic for debate at the next meeting of the Richard Austen Butler Society.

European Green Deal Could Transform EU Politics | Reporting Democracy  Balkan Insight

Ursula von der Leyen's proposal of a European Green Deal is ambitious and urgent. It could not only reduce the continent's emissions but also help the bloc ...

The far right may not have cleaned up, but its influence now dominates Europe  The Guardian

Upbeat responses to the results show how much the far right has joined the mainstream, says Guardian US columnist Cas Mudde.

A fractured European parliament may be just what the EU needs  The Guardian

From Amsterdam to Athens and Sweden to Spain, recent national elections across Europe have revealed a rapidly fragmenting political landscape: the big ...

Net migration of EU nationals falls by two-thirds since referendum, say ONS

Net migration of EU nationals has fallen by two-thirds since the referendum, according to official statistics.

Truckers could be “lethal” on roads if no-deal Brexit forces them to drive for longer  Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: A Unite poll of 4000 drivers found fatigue is already a huge issue, with 29% having nodded off at the wheel.

Europe's Citizens Say They Want a More Political EU | by Jean Pisani-Ferry  Project Syndicate

The recent European Parliament election suggests that a growing share of European voters sees things differently from national governments. Whereas citizens ...

Muslims feel excluded from EU politics. May’s EU elections won’t change that ǀ View  euronews

The EU Parliament in Brussels is one of the most monocultural places on this very multicultural continent.

Barnier tells May she must offer 'something new' to get long Brexit extension from EU - Politics live  The Guardian

Rolling coverage of the day's political developments as they happen, including Theresa May chairing cabinet after John Bercow ruled she cannot bring same ...

How to govern a fragmented EU: What Europeans said at the ballot box  European Council on Foreign Relations

The results of the European election confront EU leaders with a considerable challenge: navigating a new, more fragmented, and polarised political ...

The rights of non-UK EU citizens are still not a 'done deal'  Democratic Audit UK

In his first appearance in the House of Commons as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that non-UK EU citizens would be 'guaranteed' the right to stay after ...

EU urged to get creative in power politics  Financial Times

The EU is at sea in a new world of power politics that the bloc's founding tenets leave it ill-equipped to deal with. That's the contention of a new joint paper from ...

EU summit: Leaders suspend talks amid disagreement over top jobs  BBC News

EU leaders meeting in Brussels remain divided over who should get the EU's top jobs, and talks have been suspended until Tuesday. They are arguing mainly ...

Ursula von der Leyen: Parliament vote puts EU politics to the test  EURACTIV

The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV's media network.

Europe's Ever Closer Confusion  Foreign Policy

What exactly is the European Union? A post-national superstate or a mechanism to augment the power of nations? A neoliberal fantasia or a protectionist cartel?

Facebook tightens rules on political ads ahead of EU vote  Reuters

Facebook Inc toughened its rules on political advertising in Europe on Friday under pressure from EU regulators to do more to guard against foreign meddling in ...

The Guardian view on the EU elections: a chance to reshape our politics  The Guardian

Editorial: Pro-European voters should back candidates who oppose hard Brexit and are in with a chance. Above all, they must make their votes count.

What does a Brexit delay mean for politics, business, citizens and the EU?  The Guardian

In the short term, the party is prepared to continue talks with Theresa May to try to see whether a compromise can be found on the future relationship that both ...

Gordon Brown: Stop wasting time vying for No10 Jeremy Corbyn, you have bigger things to do  Mirror Online

It's not Boris Johnson's City friends who will suffer most in a No Deal Brexit - so Corbyn must use time persuade the Europeans to abandon the Hallowe'en ...

2019 European Parliament Elections Will Change the EU's Political Dynamics  Carnegie Europe

This article is part of the Reshaping European Democracy project, an initiative of Carnegie's Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program and Carnegie ...

The far right didn’t sweep the EU elections. Europe’s centre is holding  The Guardian

The real story was a Green surge in Germany, France and elsewhere, says Guardian columnist Natalie Nougayrède.

How will Brexit affect European elections around the EU?  The Guardian

European elections could affect Brexit, and British MEPs will still have an impact on the EU27.

Facebook to cave to EU pressure after row over political ad rules

EU institutions and parties had complained that social media giant's political advertising rules would hamper election campaigning.

EU Politicians Are the Worst, Except All the Others  The Wall Street Journal

Most euroskeptic demands for sovereignty arise from a desire to do dumb things voters don't actually want.

How Merkel’s plan for EU top jobs fell apart

t was a humiliation, the likes of which Angela Merkel had never experienced in her thirteen and a half years as chancellor of Germany, and as the undisputed ...

What Europeans really feel: The battle for the political system  European Council on Foreign Relations

Support for membership of the European Union is currently high, but so too is pessimism about the future of the European project.

What the EU elections will — and won't — tell us about the future of Europe  CNBC

Political experts believe the vote could give more insight into national politics in each member state, rather than on the future of the EU itself.

Beyond Consultations: Reimagining EU Participatory Politics  Carnegie Europe

This article is part of the Reshaping European Democracy project, an initiative of Carnegie's Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program and Carnegie ...

May laments 'very disappointing' EU elections as voters take Brexit revenge  The Guardian

An insurgent Brexit party and reinvigorated Liberal Democrats have delivered a harrowing night for the Conservatives and Labour at the European elections, ...

How Nationalists Are Joining Together to Tear Europe Apart  TIME

In interviews with TIME, top European officials describe Brexit as a seismic shock. Here's how nationalism may tear the E.U. apart.

There are 17 million mobile EU citizens. We deserve a political voice  The Guardian

Those of us who reside in another member state are effectively disenfranchised, says Italian professor Alberto Alemanno.

Populists Seen Falling Short of Political Reorder in EU Ballot  Bloomberg

A populist revolt in Europe will fail to dislodge the two biggest political groups in the European Parliament in this May's elections, even as it propels euroskeptic ...

European Parliament elections 2019: a test for far-right populism

Matteo Salvini, Italy's deputy prime minister and leader of the right-wing Lega party, rallied in Milan on Saturday with a who's who of far-right, nationalistic, ...

European elections: is the party over for the centre-right?  Financial Times

Dominant in EU politics for two decades, the EPP fears a backlash from populist rivals at next week's polls.

What are the European elections and European parliament? | World news  The Guardian

As Europe prepares to go to the polls, we look at the workings of the union and where its power lies.

Who are the EU's new leaders?  EUobserver

Three out of the four people to lead the EU institutions in Brussels for the next five years were selected Tuesday, but none are well-known outside their own ...

Varoufakis to enter EU politics, in Germany  EURACTIV

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who was outspoken in his criticism of the austerity policies championed by Berlin at the height of the eurozone's ...

European chiefs press Johnson to explain Brexit plan in detail  The Guardian

Tusk mocks new PM's ability to bluff as Barnier asks: is it an orderly Brexit, or a no deal?

The role of nationalist parties in EU politics  CNN

"They have trouble speaking with one voice, but they have begun to use very similar techniques," says Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum. ©